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Special preparation is is not required for most MRI exams. If you are having a MRI of the abdomen you will be asked not to eat or drink 4 hours prior to the exam. Continue to take medication prescribed by your doctor unless otherwise directed.

In preparation for your MRI you may be asked to remove make-up and dentures depending on the study. In some cases, you may also be asked to wear a hospital gown to avoid magnetic interference from fabrics, belt buckles and zippers.

Since MRI imaging involves the use of a relatively strong magnetic field you will be asked to leave the following items in a safe place outside the scan room:

  • Coins

  • Hearing aides

  • Jewelry

  • Keys

  • Watches

  • Hair pins

  • Glasses

  • Credit cards

  • Other metal objects

Once you are situated on the table, make sure you are comfortable so that it is easy to keep still. Breathe normally. There is nothing about the procedure to make you uncomfortable. Once the exam is over, the technologist will assist you out of the scan room.

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